Narpi, cosmetic cream

Drug form: Soft Characteristic:Cosmetic cream Ointment mass without unnecessary foreign substances, from light brown to dark brown. Composition: olive oil – 4g, beeswax – 3g, fatty cup grease, liquid paraffin. Recommendations for use: Narpi: Has expressed dermatoprotector, anti-burn, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and regeneration stimulating (wound healing) properties. Should by applied as: - moisturizing and emollient agent for cracked soles and other conditions accompanied by hyperkeratosis , - additional aid in I and II degree superficial burns with 5 % burn area in children and 10% burn area in adults, - aid in trophic ulcers and bedsores. Preliminary consultation before use and ongoing monitoring of the patient in the process of applying cosmetic cream "Narpi" by a specialized doctor are required. How to apply: The cream is applied to the "sheety" fabric with a spatula, which is then fixed to the wound with a gauze bandage. Change the bandage must be done every 8 hours, without mechanical and chemical (without use of an antiseptic solutions) cleanse the wound surface. Necessary to know: Must be careful if you are hypersensitive to any component of the cosmetic cream. Storage conditions: Store in a dry place at temperature not lower 0ºC and not above 35ºC. Protect from light. Expiry date: 2 years.