A major concern for “Arpimed” LLC is to provide the consumers with high-quality, effective, and safe drugs, where the benefits of use exceed the possible risks. In order to monitor the safety and efficacy of our medicines, in the company is formed and operates “The Pharmacovigilance Department” which aims to detect, assess, understand and prevent the adverse reactions and problems associated with the use of drugs. Our aim is to detect potential risks for both patients and public health.

There are no absolutely safe medicines! Revealing, registration and analysis of the adverse reactions are necessary for the subsequent specification of the drugs’ indications, contra-indications, side effects, dosages, etc. When adverse events occur, our specialists investigate the causes and make their efforts to minimize and prevent the adverse events in the future.

In case of suspected adverse reactions or inefficiency of the drugs produced by “Arpimed” LLC please fill the below report form or send a format which is convenient to you to our e-mail address.

You will help thousands of patients, if you do just a single simple thing: inform us about the suspected adverse drug reactions.

Hot line: (+374 55) 05 79 86
E-mail:  pv@arpimed.com