Quality assurance

The quality assurance of the products starts from the purchase of raw materials. The company cooperates only with GMP- certified producers of raw materials. The purchased raw materials must have a certificate of compliance with international CEP standards as well.

The raw materials are mainly imported from European countries (German AXXO, Italian Indena, French Roquette, Dutch Zonneborn, Czech ImcoPharma, as well as American DOW Chemical companies).

The Quality Assurance Department of Arpimed is responsible for the proper implementation of all processes and documentation. It implements the internal audit of company subdivisions, assesses and continually improves the professional skills and knowledge of more than 150 employees through trainings both within and out of the company.

The quality assurance department provides the quality management based on the analysis and minimization of risks, ensuring effective planning of all processes, prevention of potential risks, as well as continuous improvement of the efficiency of the quality management system.

The employees of Arpimed are regularly trained abroad, get acquainted with the latest achievements in the pharmaceutical industry and apply their experience in practice.