Quality control

The ccontrol over all the production processes, starting from the purchase of raw materials up to the finished products, is effected by highly qualified staff of Arpimed quality control laboratory. The laboratory is fully equipped with high-precision analytical machinery manufactured by leading international companies.



Newest American and British laboratory equipment is qualified and regularly checked by internal and external experts. Sterile and non-sterile dosages are tested in separate microbiological laboratory. The sterility test is carried out in a special “clean room”.




For both microbiological and physicochemical tests the laboratory uses top-quality reagents and culture media, imported from German Carl Roth and Spanish Conda correspondingly as well as the reference standards imported directly from European and US Parmacopoeias.



The samples of all the medication groups are stored at the warehouse of the finished products samples. In order to monitor the quality of the samples compliance during the shelflife, samples permanently undergo stability testing. Moreover, additional tests are carried out with the samples in the case of complaints or problems.