For good storage of raw materials and finished product the warehouse has self-regulating ventilation system, which meets international requirements, temperature and humidity are always under control.

For the production which requires various storage temperatures, the warehouse has corresponding areas (cool and cold).

The warehouse has separated areas for entrance of raw and packaging materials and exit of finished product, which ensures good implementation of the processes.

In the company, quality assurance of product starts right from the purchase of raw material. Raw material, used for the production is bought only from manufacturers, which have GMP certificate, besides, the raw material should have certificate of accordance with international CEP standards.

The raw material, is mainly imported from European countries: AXXO (Germany), Indena (Italy), Roquette (France), Zonneborn (Netherlands), ImcoPharma (Czech) and Dow Chemical (USA) as well.

In the warehouse, distribution and consumption of raw materials is carried out according to international logistic principle FEFO (FirstExpire, FirstOut), the one, which expires the first, is let out from the warehouse the first.

Distribution of finished product is carried out according to international logistic principle FIFO (FirstIn, FirstOut), so the first product released from the warehouse is the one, which entered it the first